Edinburgh STAR has four main ways through which it aims to support refugees in the UK. Come along to one of our meetings to find out more about what we do and how you can get involved.


Our Volunteer Coordinator works with STAR HQ to find volunteering opportunities for you to practically make a difference to the lives of refugees living in the UK. Check here to find more information about our latest volunteering roles.


As students at a large university we are in a unique position to campaign for a future where Britain provides a truly safe and welcoming haven for people fleeing situations of persecution, war and abject poverty. We have three current campaigns and are always open to new ideas about how to make these campaigns more effectively heard.

  • Equal Access to higher education: we want people who are in the UK because they are fleeing persecution to be able to join us at university. This will only happen if they are classed as home students and are given access to bursaries and scholarships open to other vulnerable people.
  • Students Against Detention: we want reform in the detention system which currently allows people seeking refugee protection to be locked up as soon as they arrive in the UK with no limit on how long they may be held for, although they have not been convicted of any crime.
  • Still Human Still Here: we want to end the enforced poverty of people seeking refugee protection by giving them permission to work and support themselves instead of relying on state handouts of just £36 per week.


In order to effectively support refugees and welcome them into the UK, it is important that we understand the reasons why people flee their countries of origin and what happens to them when they arrive in the UK. It is our aim to educate people in Edinburgh both on and off campus about the realities faced by refugees through talks, debates, exhibitions and a range of other educational activities.


Throughout the year we aim to organise a range of fundraising events. These can be anything from silent discos to bake sales or sponsored runs. Come to a meeting with your ideas and help us to make these events a success! All the money raised goes directly to the STAR national team to support their efforts welcoming refugees to the UK.


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